‘Not all those who wander are lost’ – Tolkein

People travel for different reasons. Some take time out for short breaks or holidays, some travel for business or commercial reasons, some because they are retired and can explore places they couldn’t when working, and some because they are moving home or country.

Other people love the energy of travel and see it as a way of exploring the world, experiencing new cultures, meeting new people and deepening their own life experience.

People often do this as part of a gap year, by studying overseas, by backpacking around the world or volunteering to help projects run by NGO’s in a different country to their own.

Whatever someone’s reason for travel, a degree of thinking ahead is usually crucial to ensure the structure of the experience is safe and well thought through, although the degree of forward planning can vary depending on how much spontaneity the person wants to include in their plans.

Below are a number of areas than include information, resources and news that hopefully will be of value  in contributing to any plans made by those who want to travel, and those who want to explore the real meaning of the word wanderlust.

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