The Energy of Travel


‘Not all those who wander are lost’ – Tolkein

People travel for different reasons.

Some take time out for short breaks or holidays, some travel for business or commercial reasons, some because they are retired and can explore places they couldn’t when working, and some because they are moving home or country.

Other people love the energy of travel and see it as a way of exploring the world, experiencing new cultures, meeting new people and deepening their own life experience.

People often do this as part of a gap year, by studying overseas, by backpacking around the world or volunteering to help projects run by NGO’s in a different country to their own.

Travel News/Resources/Alerts/Specialists by Country/Area

Whatever someone’s reason for travel, a degree of thinking ahead is usually crucial to ensure the structure of the experience is safe and well thought through, although the degree of forward planning can vary depending on how much spontaneity the person wants to include in their plans.

Below are a number of areas than include information, resources and news that hopefully will be of value  in contributing to any plans made by those who want to travel to different countries, and those who want to explore the real meaning of the word wanderlust.

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance provides a vital safety net for all types of travel and traveller, from a weekend away in Paris to a two year getaway roaming the world.

Within various financial limits, most policies will provide cover in case of a medical emergency which includes hospitalisation and evacuation home if necessary. There will be cover also if you have to cancel the trip or cut it short for various reasons, as well as cover for lost or damaged baggage, valuables, money, documents etc.

There are also a range of specialist travel insurance policies and add-ons which normally cover most trips and eventualities.

Travel Insurance by Country

The cost, legal requirements and availability of insurance varies by country  – more

Travel Insurance and Health – Pre-Existing Conditions

Health and medical conditions are the main factors that affect the cost and coverage of travel insurance – more

Single Trip Travel Insurance

Designed for a one trip, which can include multiple countries – more

Annual Travel Insurance

Intended for multiple trips within any given year – more

Senior’s Travel Insurance

Insurance for people over 60 up to any age  – more

Backpacker Travel Insurance

Insurance for anyone taking a gap year, career break or mid-life crisis – more

Adventure Travel Insurance

Cover for adventure and extreme sports, normally excluded from main travel insurance policies – more

Cruise Insurance Policies

Insurance specifically designed for anyone going on a commercial cruise, for any lengthy of time – more

Winter Sports Insurance

Cover for different activities from skiing to snowboarding etc – more

Student Travel Insurance

Policies for overseas students, to provide cover for the period of their study – more

Volunteer Travel Insurance

Insurance for people volunteering their time overseas – more

How to Get Travel Insurance Claims Settled

How to make sure any claim is dealt with as quickly and fairly as possible – more

Travel Insurance FAQ

Travelling with Children and Babies

Traveling with children and babies can be a rewarding adventure with careful planning. Prioritize comfort by packing essentials like diapers, formula, and favorite toys.

Plan breaks for rest and play to keep everyone in good spirits. Choose child-friendly accommodations and transportation options to ensure a stress-free journey.

Bring a first aid kit with pediatric medications, just in case. Utilize technology to keep them entertained during transit. Embrace flexibility, understanding that schedules may need adjustments. Engage them in the travel experience by incorporating age-appropriate activities and exploring child-friendly destinations.

Travel Accessories

Travel accessories are essential items that enhance comfort, convenience, and safety during trips.

They encompass a wide range of products, including luggage locks, packing cubes, and compression bags to keep belongings organized and secure.

Travel adaptors and portable chargers ensure electronic devices remain powered. Neck pillows and eye masks provide comfort during long flights or road trips.

RFID-blocking wallets and passport holders protect against identity theft. Noise-canceling headphones help create a peaceful travel environment.

Portable water purifiers and first-aid kits address health and safety needs. These accessories are designed to streamline travel and cater to individual preferences, making journeys more enjoyable and hassle-free.

Travel Safety – General

Travel safety is paramount to ensure a worry-free and enjoyable journey. It involves several key aspects, including destination research to understand local customs, laws, and potential risks.

Prioritizing personal safety means staying aware of your surroundings, securing valuables, and being cautious of scams and pickpocketing.

Health safety requires packing necessary medications, knowing where to find medical help, and ensuring vaccinations and travel insurance.

Transportation safety involves using reputable providers and adhering to seatbelt and helmet rules. Environmental safety is about respecting the environment and local ecosystems.

Ultimately, travel safety is a combination of preparedness, awareness, and responsible behaviour to safeguard both yourself and the places you visit.

Other Areas of Travel ( coming soon )

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