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Medical Tourism – MS Treatment in Mexico

Medical tourism has a slightly jaded feel to it, with the impression that it is normally about people seeking treatment in other countries either because the cost of it is so expensive in their own, […]

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Too Fat to Fly ………..

According to reports in Thailand, Thai Airways Is considering banning people who they considered too large to fit into their new seats in their business class cabins. Far from being seen as any type of […]

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Best Travel Sleep Mask?

A sleep mask is any type of covering that people normally put over their eyes as a means of both keeping out the light, and also to a lesser extent providing some type of comfortable […]

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Manchester Airport Drop Off Lanes

Manchester Airport has become one of the first in the UK to scrap free drop off lanes for cars. Steep charges will start being levied for drop off times of around three or four minutes […]

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Which is the Best Neck Pillow

Many people like to have some type of neck pillow or travel pillow, often when travelling on a plane or in a car, either as some type of support for because they have some type […]


How Safe is Mexico?

The question of how safe it is to travel to Mexico is one has been around for quite a while, and is important both in practical terms if you are planning to travel there, and […]

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What are the Best Luggage Scales ?

Luggage scales, in particular portable luggage scales, have become for many people an almost indispensable part of their travelling and holiday planning. The reason is a very simple one, that more and more airlines are […]