12v Travel Kettle – Car Travel Kettle

What is the best travel kettle?

Best travel kettle.

A travel kettle is an indispensable part of holidays and road trips for many people. The need to be able to independently make a hot drink of tea or coffee is for many people a real freedom.

This applies not only to people who are doing some type of road trip, but people can go on camping holidays, and caravan holidays, as well as for many people who are using motels or quite cheap accommodation for their stay.

Many motels and other places will have a coffee maker, but not necessarily a kettle as well meaning that if the person wants a cup of tea they are not able to make it.

A travel kettle can also be really useful if you are travelling in an area where the water is of dubious quality, and being able to boil it makes it drinkable – this can be a real lifesaver, if not literally, then metaphorically.

The need for a travel kettle can be best served by a bit of planning and research. Many stores, both physical and online, sell travel kettles and so knowing what to look for is important.

Electric travel kettles

Travel kettles are nearly always electric, as opposed to kettles that can be used over a stove, which are normally full sized.

Weight and capacity

How much a kettle weighs and its size can be a major factor, especially if it is to be packed in a suitcase. Most travels tend to be around a third of the size of a normal kettle, and their capacity varies from about half a litre up to one litre.

Speed of boiling

The other really important thing is how fast it can boil. Manufacturers will make certain claims about the wattage and voltage of their kettle, often implying that this makes a difference as to how fast it can boil.

It is worth checking out any of these claims by reading reviews where possible, as this can give you practical feedback actually how fast and easy it is to use.

12v Travel Kettle – Car Travel Kettle

People looking for a 12v travel kettle do so because they want one that can be used in their car, 4×4, RV or motorhome. There are a number of these for sale and the above considerations should apply, both in terms of capacity and usage.

They are normally sold online as well as in-store by companies such as Asda and Argos.
Reviews can be found on Amazon as well as car and auto magazines such as Auto Express

Wilkinsons Travel Kettle

Often known as Wilco kettles, they have a very popular travel kettle, with a capacity of 400 ml, a height of 18 cm, a width of 9.5 cm and a depth of 15.5 cm.

Kettles are made from a combination of plastic and metal and generally have good reviews.
It is important with some kettles that are made purely from plastic to check the quality of the material as some plastic can give a very odd taste to the water when it is being boiled which affects the quality of the drink there after.

Travel Kettle b&m,
Travel Kettle Tesco
Travel Kettle Argos
Travel Kettle Asda

These are the main stores that specialize in selling travel kettles, and all can be relied upon to offer good value for money.
Some of the most popular kettles include :

Cookworks travel kettle,
DRBIT Foldable travel kettle,
Russell Hobbs 23840 travel kettle,
Quest 35690 travel kettle,
Quest 35440 travel kettle,