Government Travel and Health Advice

Most national governments will provide specific travel advice for people travelling overseas to most countries in the world. This advice will include information on safety and security in specific countries, entry requirements of whether or […]

Annual Travel Insurance

What is a no excess travel insurance policy ?

What does a no excess travel insurance policy mean? A no excess travel insurance policy is simply a policy that does not contain any type of excess or deductible as part of its terms and […]

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Annual Travel Insurance

Types of Travel Insurance Policy

For many people travel insurance used to be one of those last minute emergency things that they did before they went on a trip, like checking their passport was still in date and making sure […]

Annual Travel Insurance

What is Medical Tourism

What is Medical Tourism Travel information, news and resources regarding the world of medical tourism, with special focus on its relationship to travel insurance : Medical tourism is the name given to the process of […]

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Annual Travel Insurance

Why are Travel Insurance Policy Wordings Important?

What is a policy wording? Most people probably don’t bother that much looking at the wording of their policy once they have received it, but there are important reasons to understand the nature of the […]

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Annual Travel Insurance

What is Annual Travel Insurance?

Annual Travel Insurance, sometimes referred to also as multiple trip travel insurance, is an insurance policy designed to provide cover for several different trips throughout the year, both for an individual and their family as […]


What is Single Trip Travel Insurance?

Single Trip Travel Insurance A single trip travel insurance policy is designed to provide insurance coverage for a one-off return journey trip to one or more overseas destinations. This policy will run for a specified […]

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Exploring America

The land of the free – America has always been the land of explorers, on earth and in outer space ! It still retains the frontier spirit, and provides real opportunities to be explored and […]

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Mexico Safety Concerns

Questions are often raised about how safe Mexico is, questions that in many ways are very difficult to answer properly. There is a lot of press about gangs, drugs and cartels and where they operate, […]

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Medical Tourism

Mexico and Medical Tourism

Medical tourism has become big business in Mexico, especially for residents of the USA. Most treatments are considerably cheaper than similar options in other countries, and the standard of care is generally pretty high. There […]