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Travel Insurance by Country

travelTravel insurance is pretty much a must, whatever country you are going to visit, but its cost and necessity does vary country by country.

For some countries it is a legal requirement, for others things like medical costs, as per USA, make it pretty crucial for most people.

Some countries are safer than others, and some parts of some countries are safer than others.

Insurance companies require people to follow any travel advice that their national government gives out about the state of a country, and how safe it is to travel there.

Governments of other countries than your own will also have travel advice for their citizens, which will be useful to follow.

Whilst travel insurance will usually cover most medical conditions, albeit at a cost,  if you have a condition such as epilepsy it is worth remembering that some countries still have quite a cultural and social problem with people who suffer from it.

It is also worth researching the medical system of any country you are going to, especially if you are visiting any remote areas of that country.

Also check if your insurance company will pay any medical bills directly to the hospital, or if you are expected to pay them and claim the money back from the insurance company.

Below is a list of articles about travel insurance to different countries, including some general travel tips and information on safety, airlines, sports, and health systems etc.





Sydney’s New Airport

travelWestern Sydney Airport is sydneys new airport, due for completion and able to opertae some time 2026.

As the debate over Heathrow has shown, the reality of building a new runway, let alone a new airport is one that can be hugely controversial for exceptionally good reasons.

One can only sympathise deeply with people who live in or near any airport in terms of noise, pollution, increased traffic etc.

Equally,  the demand for air traffic continues to grow with no seeming slowdown insight.

All airports to a degree have a self-serving interest in their own growth and sense of importance.

The reality of how to manage the building of a new report in terms of infrastructure, both of the airport itself and the various routes of access to it are hugely important.

This article in The Australian (subscription required) gives a very good glimpse and insight into the realities of balancing both government and private money in terms of who pays for it, and the need to create a sound infrastructure around it.

( to avoid subscription search’airport is vital infrastructure-australian’ )