Travel Insurance with Medical Conditions

Medical conditions of any type are often referred to in insurance circles as pre-existing conditions, which many people believe make it difficult to obtain insurance – this is not usually the case.

Whilst it depends on the condition, most insurance companies have a pretty thorough screening process to make sure that they understand the individuals situation properly, and can make a real risk assessment as such. They do want to offer insurance if possible, but won’t if they feel it is too much of a risk.

It is worth remembering that insurance companies are in the business of risk, and are able to assess the potential likelihood of someone needing help whilst overseas perhaps more accurately than the individual themselves.

Anyone with any type of medical condition would be well advised to talk to their GP first before organising or embarking on any trip, both to manage the practicalities of the trip in terms of medication and assistance, and also to make sure that the trip is a good idea in terms of their health situation.

Below are some articles relating to the most common pre-existing medical conditions that people worry about when applying for travel insurance :

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